Dearly beloved. On Saturday 16 February 2013, Ieperfest will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of its winter edition. We have invited the high priests of Belgian/European heavy music to conduct the ceremony, which is to take place at JOC ‘t Perron, Ieper. We are of course talking about none other than AMENRA.

The band is about to release its brand new album “Mass V”. The first ever AMENRA album to be released through the infamous American Neurot label. The record release show for this album, taking place this December at AB Brussels, was sold-out in no time. Their concert with ELEONARA in Kortrijk taking place one week before Ieperfest winter is (close to being) sold-out as well. Needless to say that tickets for our 5th anniversary feast might move quickly, so don’t sleep on it and get yours as soon as you can!

Ticket prices and outlets, as well as the rest of the line-up, will be announced soon. So stay tuned!



Hey there! We realize we are waaaay past due with this, but nevertheless… Thanks to all who were involved in making the 20th anniversary edition of Ieperfest even more perfect than we had ever dreamt of! All of you visitors, associates, volunteers, … thanks so much!

We are pleased to announce that we will be back for a 21st time on 9, 10 and 11 August 2013. Take note of those dates right now, and start counting the days, as we sure damn will do ourselves! We are close to confirming the first bands already, and hope to announce the first batch before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, we are working hard on putting together the bill for Ieperfest winter edition 2013, which is to take place at JOC ‘t Perron on Saturday 16 February. Expect further news on that soon, stay tuned!



09:45 Day 1 ended spectacularly with great performances by headliners AGNOSTIC FRONT & CONGRESS. All is set for day 2: the sun is shining brightly and loads of excellent bands will give the best of themselves.

10:11 Check our facebook page for pictures of almost all bands that played on day 1!

15:58 Time is flying by. All is going well. Seems like we will be breaking all visitors' records this year. 

17:10 Psyched for the first SCRAPS show in 14 years!

 Stay tuned for more news

Team Ieperfest


08:12 The weather is great, loads of people arrived yesterday evening already. Looks like we will have a great 20th anniversary! – Thanks to all bands & visitors that participated in the pre-fest – SYDNEY DUCKS guitar player has the flue so the band have to cancel their show. There will be no replacement.

10:24 Also DEAN DIRG are calling it quits, "for personal reasons of one of the band members". It's too late to fix replacements with such short notice.

11:24 First band of the day, MIDNIGHT SOULS are kicking off Ieperfest 2012!

15:31 Guess what, the Ieperfest iPhone app is now available for download!!
(thx to Jeroen & Kristof @ Last Minute Productions!)

20:04 All is going well apart from a problem with the PA system in the marquee. Our supplier will be delivering a new one shortly.

21:12 New PA system at marquee is set up and working fine.

Stay tuned for more news!

Team Ieperfest


Wooooow, tonight we kick off the Ieperfest 20th birthday party with the pre-fest show on our Marquee stage! First band’s on at 8pm, don’t miss out!

The festival camping will be opened in a few hours. May we remind you once more that camping is NOT included in your festival ticket and needs to be paid separately upon arrival? Camping costs €10, regardless how many nights you are staying.

We have sought and found a more than adequate replacement for HERE COMES THE KRAKEN. Completing the Ieperfest line-up on Sunday 12 August is…

The COLD HARBOUR (UK) // Melodic hardcore band from Swindon, England formed in 2009. They have recently released their first LP called “Homebound” through Blackheart Inc. After several tours through the UK and Europe, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves in the international hardcore scene!

As of this morning, it’s no longer possible to buy tickets online or at Free Record Shop. Pre-sale tickets are still available in all Fnac stores! There are still plenty of tickets available at the fest itself as well! Single-day tickets at the door will be €46, weekend tickets will be €85.

Weather forecasts predict dry and sunny weather over the next four days, so pack your sunglasses and don’t forget to put on some sunscreen! Sooooo stoked!

Up next: iPhone app update + more!



Only a few days separate us from the 20th anniversary edition of Ieperfest! We’d like to take the opportunity one more time to give you an update on how things are going.

Starting off with some bad news, we regret to announce HERE COMES THE KRAKEN have cancelled their European run and will no longer be performing at the festival this year. Too bad, we were really looking forward to welcoming the first ever Mexican band at Ieperfest. A replacement will be announced soon, stay tuned!

Construction of the festival site started last week. Many thanks to the many volunteers that are helping us out to get everything ready in time! You can find some pictures on our Facebook page (, go check them out!

Ticket sales are off the charts. In the past 20 years, we have never sold as many tickets as we did so far. Ieperfest 2012 is set out to be the best attended edition yet. Pre-sale will be running until Thursday 9 August, noontime. There’ll still be tickets left at the entrance as well, everybody’s welcome, just come and join the party!

Don’t forget there’s a pre-fest show Thursday night in our Marquee tent, presenting four young, promising Belgian bands. Tickets cost €5, and all profits go to the renovation of the Vort’n Vis café in the Ieper city centre.

COUNTDOWN // 22h30-23h00
6 DAYS OF JUSTICE // 21h40-22h10
The GO HARDS // 20h45-21h10
DRS // 20h00-20h25

We have done a huge update in the “Green Policy” section of the website. Check it out, read it through, be prepared and help us make Ieperfest the greenest festival around! Big changes start with small individual actions, never forget about that!

To our Belgian and Dutch visitors: Ieperfest will be featured on Belgian national television tomorrow night in the summer talk show Villa Vanthilt. The show is aired on “één” around 21h40. Stoked!

More news, including a replacement for HERE COMES THE KRAKEN, will follow soon, so keep your eyes peeled!



Updates are following each other fast these days! Today we are proud to present you the official Ieperfest 2012 timetable. Click the “schedule” tab to see what time your favorite band(s) are playing. You will notice that we have skipped the afternoon breaks we used the last couple of years, which makes the average set lengths a little longer. More music for you to enjoy, but please make sure your ears are protected adequately!

We have also done a huge update in the MTM (More Than Music) section of the website. A large part of the program has been put online, so go and have a look. Be sure to check out the MTM-stage whenever you can, it’s more than worth the while!

More news to follow soon, so stay tuned!



Less than two weeks separate us from the 20th anniversary edition of Ieperfest! We have been looking forward to it for months, and are getting really excited about it. Hope you are as well! We are breaking all pre-sale records at the moment and it looks like it will be the best attended Ieperfest ever. Stoked!

First off, some bad news… A few days ago we received news that MAN vs HUMANITY is no more, and thus cancel their presence at Ieperfest. This is kind of what happened 11 years ago as well. Guess MAN vs HUMANITY and Ieperfest were just not meant to be. Bummer, we were looking forward to their set! Their spot in the line-up will be filled by Finnish hardcore act NO SECOND THOUGHT!

NO SECOND THOUGHT (FI) // Founded 3 years ago in Harjavalta, Finland, they play fast, raw metallic hardcore in the vein of SWORN ENEMY, ALL OUT WAR, COLD EXISTENCE… They define their own music as “Life-is-a-bitch-hardcore”. They are currently unsigned, but we have a feeling that won’t last long!

As you might already know, we kick off the Ieperfest festivities on Thursday 9 August with our traditional pre-fest. Place to be is the Ieperfest Marquee stage. Attending the pre-fest costs €5. All profits will go to the renovation of the Vort’n Vis club in the Ieper city centre. You will learn all about these renovations on the festival. The following four promising Belgian acts will be performing:

  • 6 DAYS OF JUSTICE (BE) // H8000 metalcore, keeping the fire, lit by bands like LIAR, CONGRESS, SPIRIT OF YOUTH … burning! New line-up, new album called “Where Oceans Begin”, new beginning! Mosh!
  • COUNTDOWN (BE) // Vilvoorde hardcore in the vein of INTEGRITY, RINGWORM, CONGRESS, KICKBACK… They recently released an album called “Blinded Souls” on Marked For Death rcs. Be sure to pick up a copy!
  • DRS (BE) // DRS is short for DR. SCHNABEL. Thrashcore hailing from the Belgian coastal town Ostend! Fast, aggressive, chaotic, loud…just the way we like our thrash! Go!
  • The GO HARDS (BE) // Scheduled to perform at the 2011 Ieper Winterfest, they sadly had to cancel their presence last minute due to tragic circumstances. For fans of CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG, MISFITS… Go hard, or go home!

Some more updates, including the official timetable, will follow soon!



A few days back we brought you the sad news that a few bands had to cancel their European tours and therefore won’t be performing at Ieperfest this year. We went to great lengths to find four new acts that were at least equally great. Today, we are happy to announce the following additions to the line-up:

  • CROWN OF THORNZ (US) // Critically acclaimed NYHC act formed 18 years ago by a.o. Lord Ezec. The band disbanded in 1998 and is now playing an exclusive European festival show at Ieperfest! Oooooow fuck!
  • HERE COMES THE KRAKEN (MX) // Formed 5 years ago in Aguascalientes, Mexico they started out as 100% ferocious deathcore, but are now adding more melody to their sound. First ever Mexican band to appear at Ieperfest in 20 years, sweet!
  • NASUM (SE) // Formed 20 years ago in Örebro, Sweden with the idea to create true grindcore in the vein of old NAPALM DEATH. The band called it a day in 2004 after the tragic death of lead singer/guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk in the tsunami in Thailand. Totally psyched to have them on the IF stage during their final farewell tour!
  • YOUR DEMISE (UK) // UK hardcore act that will present its recently released fourth album during their third IF performance. Great band, great music, great guys with big hearts!

We think these additions make the line-up even stronger than it originally was. Check out the schedule tab to see which dates these bands are playing. A more detailed timetable will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

We’ve also updated the “Food” & “MTM” sections. Have a look to see which delicious meals Ferm&Fameus will be cooking for you this year. All delicious, all fresh, all vegan! On the “More Than Music” page you will find a bunch of interesting topics that will be dealt with this year. A more detailed program will follow soon though, so stay tuned!

Up next: Thursday 9/8’s prefest bands, schedule, lodging update, etc. so stay tuned!



Hello Ieperfest supporters worldwide!

Just 4 more weeks before Ieperfest #20 kicks off. Are you getting ready yet?! We surely hope you are!

Bad news: sadly enough, 4 bands had to cancel their Ieperfest performance for various reasons: SHAI HULUD, THIS IS HELL, WISDOM IN CHAINS & WITHDRAWAL. We wish them all the best and hope to be able to book them again on a future occasion! No worries however, they will be replaced by 4 great bands. 2 have already been confirmed and negotiations with a few others are in progress so expect more news on the matter in the next days.

Important change in the schedule: H8000 sludge heroes NEMEA will be playing on Sunday instead of Saturday. Trashcore kings VACCINE will do just the opposite; they are now scheduled on Saturday. It will be the last day of their tour so expect a big party during and after their set!

Have you bought your ticket yet? We are witnessing the best presale to date, so don’t hesitate to get yours now!

Up next: 4 new bands & a bunch of website updates: schedule, food, lodging, etc. so stay tuned!