We would like to offer you all a Valentine’s Day surprise! Today, we are announcing no less than 32 bands to perform on the 21st edition of Ieperfest, taking place on 9, 10 and 11 August 2013. This is exactly half of the full line-up! But first, some last important details regarding our winter edition of this upcoming Saturday!

Ieperfest winter 2013 pre-sale ends on Friday 15 February, 18h00 sharp. Tickets have been selling really well, especially these last few days, so pick up yours before it’s too late. There’ll still be some tickets left at the door, for the round price of €20!

Check out the Ieperfest winter MTM program by clicking “MTM” tab. There’ll be a lot of cool presentations, and quite a few NGO-stands so don’t be a stranger and check it out. Hardcore, More Than Music!

And now, without further ado, we proudly present the first batch of acts to play Ieperfest 2013! Ready? Here goes:

  • ADOLESCENTS (US) // Legendary punk band formed in 1980 in California. Broke up and reformed several times over the course of history, but have now been together again since 2001. First ever Ieperfest appearance!
  • AMENRA (BE) // High priests of Belgian heavy music. Brand new album “Mass V” under their belt, and ready for yet another legendary Ieperfest appearance.
  • BLACK FLAG (US) // The legend reforms! Founding member, guitarist and the only constant member of BLACK FLAG Greg Ginn teams up with “Jealous Again” era vocalist Ron Reyes. So stoked to have this legendary band play our festival!
  • The BLACK HEART REBELLION (BE) // Church of Ra represents once more. One of Belgium's most promising sludge/postcore bands, so we are more than happy to have them also at this year's summer edition.
  • CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE (US) // Formed in 2001 in Savannah, Georgia, CTTS plays doomy 'n sludgy screamo about the end of the world. They have just released “Decompositions: Volume One”, a true master piece and their first full length since 2004. Happy to finally have play the fest.
  • CODE ORANGE KIDS (US) // Hardcore punk band that formed in Pittsburgh in 2008. They were just a bunch of 13/14-year-olds at that time. Currently signed to Deathwish Inc and coming over for their second European tour.
  • COFFINS (JP) // Killer Japanese metal three-piece, around since 1996 and heavily influenced by old school 1980’s and 1990’s doom, death and thrash metal.
  • CULTURE (US) // Legendary 90’s hardcore outfit fronted by Damien Moyal (AS FRIENDS RUST, MORNING AGAIN, DAMIEN DONE, …) to perform exclusively at Ieperfest 2013. This will be your one and only chance to catch them live in Europe, so don’t miss it!
  • DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR (US) // Boston Massachusetts hardcore band, back for their third appearance at Ieperfest.
  • DOWNSET (US) // Founded in 1987 as SOCIAL JUSTICE, this legendary Los Angeles hardcore band changed its name to DOWNSET in 1992. As the original blenders of rap, funk, hardcore, punk, metal and socially aware lyrics, they drew influences from BLACK FLAG to BLACK SABBATH, PUBLIC ENEMY to BOB MARLEY.
  • DRI (US) // DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES! Legendary crossover thrash band that formed in Houston, Texas in 1982. First ever Ieperfest performance, finally!
  • DYS (US) // Formed at ground zero of Boston’s tough as nails straight edge hardcore scene, DYS rose out of SS DECONTROL’s Boston Crew, going on to help establish the city as a center of the movement along with NEGATIVE FX and LAST RIGHTS.
  • E-TOWN CONCRETE (US) // Formed way back in 1995 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The band decided to call it quits in 2006, but have since then reformed a few times. Playing just 3 shows in Europe this year, one of them being their first ever Ieperfest performance.
  • EVERGREEN TERRACE (US) // Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and blazing their own path through the melodic hardcore style since 1999. Also for them: first time ever at Ieperfest.
  • FULL OF HELL (US) // Hardcore punk band formed in 2009, based out of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Signed to A389 records and their third time over in Europe already.
  • GOODTIME BOYS (UK) // Hyperactive melodic hardcore act hailing from Cardiff, UK. Currently signed to Bridge Nine rcs.
  • HORSE THE BAND (US) // Formed in 1999 in California. People still talk about their legendary previous Ieperfest performances, so we decided it was time to bring them back for a third one.
  • LEFTÖVER CRACK (US) // Leading American streetpunk band that formed in 2000 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City.
  • LENG TCH’E (BE) // LENG TCH’E formed in early 2001, basing their own hybrid of grindcore on bands such as REGURGITATE, NASUM and REPULSION and mixing it all up with some stoner/rock/hardcore influences.
  • LENGTH OF TIME (BE) // Legendary Brussels metalcore band that has been around since 1997. Happy to have 'em on the bill again. Shame to this weakness modern world!
  • MADBALL (US) // Legendary New York hardcore band, demonstrating their style at Ieperfest for the fourth time already.
  • MAGRUDERGRIND (US) // Formed in 2002 in Washington DC. Owing much to the close-knit global DIY punk community, since its inception this crusty grind band has toured Europe and North America multiple times. First ever Ieperfest appearance.
  • MUNICIPAL WASTE (US) // Headlined the very first edition of Ieperfest winter in a legendary fashion 5 years ago. This year, they are set to perform at the summer edition for the very first time.
  • NAPALM DEATH (UK) // You suffer, but why? Legendary grindcore/death metal band formed in 1981 in Birmingham, England. Very proud to have this band on the bill for the first time ever.
  • NO TURNING BACK (NL) // Holland’s biggest, most relentless hardcore band is back. Their last passage at Ieperfest summer dates back from 2010 already, so a new appearance was way past due.
  • O INIMIGO (BR) // The Enemy! Melodic hardcore by a bunch of friends with great thirst for music. For fans of FUGAZI and HOT WATER MUSIC. Featuring former and current members of DISCARGA, I SHOT CYRUS, POINT OF NO RETURN, RATOS DE PORAO, etc.
  • ORANGE GOBLIN (UK) // Stoner metal band fhat formed in 1995. First ever Ieperfest appearance for the band, but not for drummer Chris who already played back in 90s with FABRIC.
  • REPROACH (BE) // Fast forward skate thrash hardcore punk from Overpelt, Belgium. They last played Ieperfest in 2010, and that sure as hell was a memorable performance.
  • REVENGE (US) // Western Massachusetts hardcore with hints of early power violence and even thrash metal. Currently signed to Eulogy rcs.
  • The SETUP (BE) // Belgian hardcore powerhouse releasing a brand new album entitled “This Thing of Ours” this year. Their last summer edition appearance dates back to 2009 already, wow!
  • WHITECHAPEL (US) // First time at Ieperfest for this six-piece brutal deathcore band based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Signed to Metal Blade rcs.
  • XERXES (US) // Formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 2009. Their sound channels the energy and passion of mid-90’s originators YOU AND I and SAETIA, while adding the more upbeat and brutal thrash mentality of contemporaries such as TRASH TALK and AMPERE, making for a sound that runs the gamut of blast-beat aggression and emotional rumination.

We are very pleased with this first list, and hope you are as well. There’s still lots more in the pipeline, so stay tuned for future announcements!

As of today, you can buy early bird combi tickets for the 21st edition of the festival! You can choose between a regular weekend ticket, or a combination of a weekend ticket and a camping ticket! Tickets are sold online, or at your local Free Record Shop!

That’s it for now, but expect a lot more news in the upcoming weeks and months!



It took us some more time than expected, but if you click the “Schedule” tab on top of this page, you will find the Ieperfest winter time table! Doors are at 12h30 pm, first band kicks off at 13h15. Be early, support all bands! AMENRA will hit the stage at around 22h10.

There’ll be plenty of tickets left at the door, so don’t hesitate to come over and hang out, even if it’s a last minute decision!

We’d also like to stress once more that we encourage “ecologically friendly” transportation. If you live close enough, come on foot or by bike. If you live a bit further away, please consider taking the train or carpooling!

Next up: First batch of Ieperfest 2013 (summer edition) bands. Stay tuned!

Team Ieperfest


Hey there! With little over a month to go until the 5th anniversary edition of Ieperfest winter, we are pleased to announce we have finally completed the line-up! We sadly have some less positive news to report as well, so let’s start with that…

Earlier this week, we were informed that BLACKLISTED have to pull out of the short tour they had planned around Ieperfest Winter, due to reasons beyond our control. They stated they are devastated to do so, but there was no other option… We know a lot of you were looking forward to their performance on 16 February, as were we, and feel really bad about having to bring you this news. We hope we, and BLACKLISTED, can make this up to you somewhere in the future!

With that being said, we are pleased to bring you the good news as well. We have added no less than 6 bands to the Ieperfest Winter line-up, bringing it to a total of 11 bands! Apart from the already confirmed acts (AMENRA, The BLACK HEART REBELLION, NEW MORALITY, PAY NO RESPECT, ALKERDEEL), we proudly announce the presence of CELESTE (FR), CHEAP DRUGS (BE), KING HISS (BE), KNUCKLEDUST (UK), SURGE OF FURY (BE) and THESE MOUNTAINS ARE GHOSTS (BE).

We are really pleased about this line-up, a good mix of different genres, and hope you are all still as stoked as we are! Pre-sale has been going strong for quite some time now, so don’t hesitate any longer to pick up your ticket online or at your local Free Record Shop!

Up next: IF winter schedule and flyer. IF summer first list of confirmed bands. Stay tuned!



We are happy to announce 5 more bands have been confirmed to play Ieperfest winter on 16 February. US top hardcore act BLACKLISTED will be co-headlining the show together with AMENRA. Hurray! On top of these two, we can also tell you that ALKERDEEL (obscure Belgian black/sludge), The BLACK HEART REBELLION (Gent sludge/post-core, big in Japan, new full-length out January 2013), NEW MORALITY (Dutch aggressive hardcore, new record out November 2012) and PAY NO RESPECT (ultra hard hitting UK tuffcore) will be giving their very best that day. We are very happy with the line-up so far, but will add a few more bands in the next few weeks.

Some of you may have noticed that tickets for the winter edition 2013 have been for sale since a few days.
Where? Online at the tickets pages on the website and Facebook. Or just drop by at your local Free Record Shop.

For the latest editions of Ieperfest, we initiated successful roadsharing campaigns. For Ieperfest winter, we want to continue that effort and invite everyone to check the possibilities to travel via carpooling. We see nothing but advantages in joining travelling efforts: cheaper, more ecological and a great chance to meet new like-minded people! Have a look at the route tab for more information.

Up next: band update, winter 2013 artwork, website updates.



Dearly beloved. On Saturday 16 February 2013, Ieperfest will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of its winter edition. We have invited the high priests of Belgian/European heavy music to conduct the ceremony, which is to take place at JOC ‘t Perron, Ieper. We are of course talking about none other than AMENRA.

The band is about to release its brand new album “Mass V”. The first ever AMENRA album to be released through the infamous American Neurot label. The record release show for this album, taking place this December at AB Brussels, was sold-out in no time. Their concert with ELEONARA in Kortrijk taking place one week before Ieperfest winter is (close to being) sold-out as well. Needless to say that tickets for our 5th anniversary feast might move quickly, so don’t sleep on it and get yours as soon as you can!

Ticket prices and outlets, as well as the rest of the line-up, will be announced soon. So stay tuned!



Hey there! We realize we are waaaay past due with this, but nevertheless… Thanks to all who were involved in making the 20th anniversary edition of Ieperfest even more perfect than we had ever dreamt of! All of you visitors, associates, volunteers, … thanks so much!

We are pleased to announce that we will be back for a 21st time on 9, 10 and 11 August 2013. Take note of those dates right now, and start counting the days, as we sure damn will do ourselves! We are close to confirming the first bands already, and hope to announce the first batch before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, we are working hard on putting together the bill for Ieperfest winter edition 2013, which is to take place at JOC ‘t Perron on Saturday 16 February. Expect further news on that soon, stay tuned!