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We are getting many requests concerning the final schedule. At this moment we simply cannot communicate it. As you may have heard, a few bands have cancelled their show/tour. For a wide variety of reasons. We do wonder what certain bands and bookers are upto though. What the fuck. We have been working sooooo hard to book a killer bill and now it feels like starting all over again. Ieperfest is a 100% volunteer-run festival. It's soooo demotivating to see months of hard work going up in thin air just like that. Dear bands, may we urge you to think twice before confirming a tour/show? May we kindly ask not to claim higher fees once a deal was made? Need we go on? I guess not.

HOWEVER: no worries at all. We are kicking it hard in order to re-finish the bill and hope to have a final schedule soon. Some bands are irreplaceable, but in the end Ieperfest 2014 will prove to be a total killer edition, better than any we had to date. Thanks for your support, we love you all!! Haters...


Hello there. It’s been almost two months since we gave you an insight of what’s going on at Ieperfest HQ. The one we bring you now will be good news for some of you, and bad news for others. That’s right, we are about to announce some bands that cancelled their appearance at Ieperfest 2014… But we’ll also announce the bands that will be replacing them!

Unfortunately, The GENERATORS, GUTTERMOUTH, MONUMENTS, STEEL NATION, THICK AS BLOOD and ZERO BOYS will no longer be playing Ieperfest this summer, due to various reasons beyond our control. We realize some of you have been looking forward to seeing one or more of these bands, and would like to apologize for their absence on their behalf.

We do however feel that the following acts will be doing just as well, if not better. Ready? Here goes:

  • ADOLESCENTS (US) // Legendary punk band formed in 1980 in California. Broke up and reformed several times over the...


2 May, at last! We have been waiting for this moment for a few weeks now, but today we can finally announce the complete Ieperfest 2014 line-up!

First of all, we are sad to announce that NOTHING TO REGRET have pulled out the NO ZODIAC tour and will no longer be playing Ieperfest. We wish them all the best and hope to have them on our stage in future. ABLAZE will be replacing them.

And now, without further ado, we are proud to present the final additions to our bill, bringing us to a total of 84 bands. Ready? Here goes:

  • ABLAZE (DE) // Mean Darmstadt metal/hardcore band replacing NOTHING TO REGRET in the NO ZODIAC tour package. For fans of brutal breakdowns and moshable beats.
  • BACKTRACK (US) // Definitely one of thé upcoming hardcore bands that is working their way to the top at relentless speed. After a highly successful spring tour they will be back in summer to...


Hey there. Two weeks ago we brought you the sad news that BONECRUSHER and WAR OF AGES will not be playing Ieperfest 2014. Today, we are bringing you the joyful news that the following 8 acts have confirmed their presence at our annual little hardcore festival. This brings us to a total of 78. 6 more bands will be announced next month. Ready? Here goes!

  • DEAD KENNEDYS (US) // Any one unfamiliar with these San Francisco hardcore/punk pioneers?  Around since 1978, writing hit after hit: "California Über Alles", "Holiday in Cambodia", "Too Drunk to Fuck", "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!", "MTV Get Off The Air", … Need more? So stoked to have them play Ieperfest for the very first time!
  • The DICKIES (US) // Among the first punk rock bands to emerge from Los Angeles back in 1977 (!!). They became famous for their humorous, comical style resulting in comments as "easy listening punk" or even "bubble-gum punk". Glad to welcome...

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