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Every one please note that DEAD KENNEDYS will be playing an early set (16h35-17h25) on Friday. Fans make sure to come in time.
Pre-sale ends Thursday at noon CET. Go ahead and order your tickets now!! No worries if you are not able to get yours yet, there will be plenty left at the door.

Time schedule for Thursday 7 August

14h00 parking open
16h00 ticket office/camping site open
18h00 festival site open
19h30 start pre-fest

Indeed, Ieperfest 2014 will kick-off with a pre-fest on Thursday 7 August. Any one with a weekend ticket can get in for free. Damage for all others is a mere 5 euro. Just Like Your Mom will be offering a limited selection of their fine vegan food.

The  following bands will give the best of themselves in the Marquee tent:

  • LOST AND SEEN (BE) // Kempen beatdown hardcore with a fucked-up childhood,...


The long awaited schedule is online. Have a look!

Up next: anouncement for pre-fest on Thursday 7 August.


White smoke! The dice has finally been cast. The past few weeks we received a couple of blows to the head when band after band cancelled their tours, for a number of reasons beyond our control. No less than 10 bands decided not to come over to Europe and Ieperfest after all. However, we got back on our feet, dusted ourselves off and sought ànd found 10 more than adequate acts to re-complete the Ieperfest 2014 line-up. The following bands have regretfully cancelled their Ieperfest appearance: ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, BLACKLISTED, GORGUTS, INFEST, MURPHY’S LAW, POISON IDEA, PYREXIA, RAMALLAH, STRIFE and SUBZERO.

We are aware of the fact that some of these bands have cancelled a while ago already, and apologise that it has taken us so long to come with this official statement. It is, and has always been our policy to communicate cancelling bands when, and only when, we have found proper replacements. Normally, this goes...


We are getting many requests concerning the final schedule. At this moment we simply cannot communicate it. As you may have heard, a few bands have cancelled their show/tour. For a wide variety of reasons. We do wonder what certain bands and bookers are upto though. What the fuck. We have been working sooooo hard to book a killer bill and now it feels like starting all over again. Ieperfest is a 100% volunteer-run festival. It's soooo demotivating to see months of hard work going up in thin air just like that. Dear bands, may we urge you to think twice before confirming a tour/show? May we kindly ask not to claim higher fees once a deal was made? Need we go on? I guess not.

HOWEVER: no worries at all. We are kicking it hard in order to re-finish the bill and hope to have a final schedule soon. Some bands are irreplaceable, but in the end Ieperfest 2014 will prove to be a total killer edition, better than any we had to date. Thanks for your support, we love you all!! Haters...

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