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Hey there. Two weeks ago we brought you the sad news that BONECRUSHER and WAR OF AGES will not be playing Ieperfest 2014. Today, we are bringing you the joyful news that the following 8 acts have confirmed their presence at our annual little hardcore festival. This brings us to a total of 78. 6 more bands will be announced next month. Ready? Here goes!

  • DEAD KENNEDYS (US) // Any one unfamiliar with these San Francisco hardcore/punk pioneers?  Around since 1978, writing hit after hit: "California Über Alles", "Holiday in Cambodia", "Too Drunk to Fuck", "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!", "MTV Get Off The Air", … Need more? So stoked to have them play Ieperfest for the very first time!
  • The DICKIES (US) // Among the first punk rock bands to emerge from Los Angeles back in 1977 (!!). They became famous for their humorous, comical style resulting in comments as "easy listening punk" or even "bubble-gum punk". Glad to welcome...


Dear friends. Welcome to our brand new website. We really hope you will like it. If you ask us, it's a great improvement. Special thanks to Bram Gerinckx for helping us out!

We would like to thank every single one of you that made Ieperfest Winter 2014 a huge success. Great crowd, great bands, great atmosphere, great MTM room, great crew… Thank you!

Our Bandcamp page has also been updated. No less than 31 tracks of bands playing Ieperfest 2014 are now available. Go and have a listen! We're sure you will discover a great deal of new bands that you will like!

The first batch of flyers and posters for summer have also arrived. You might just see them popping up at a location near you soon. Flyers are a coop with Slow End Fest. Cooperation not competition!

We also have some sad news: BONECRUSHER and WAR OF AGES have ...


Hey y’all!

First and foremost, Ieperfest Winter 2014 (edition #6) is coming up this Saturday, 1 March! There’s still a bunch of tickets left so don’t hesitate to come over, hang out and watch TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NO TURNING BACK, EXHUMED, A WILHELM SCREAM and many others. Check the schedule in case you haven't done so yet. Ow yeah, and the bandcamp page. Tickets are on sale online until Saturday morning.

A week ago we announced that we will be adding a brand new small and cosy stage to our festival this year. This means we will be having 84 bands playing the festival instead of the 64 that played the past few years. We’ve announced 51 of them already, and today we are adding another 21 bands to the line-up. 72 down, 12 to go...


Dear reader, this is an important update regarding the future of Ieperfest. Over the last 22 years, our festival has gradually but surely grown from a very small (but nonetheless significant) two-dayer to a middle-sized three-day event. Since 2008, you were able to enjoy music on two stages (Main Stage and Marquee) and get yourself informed/involved in the More Than Music stage/tent.

This year, 2014 that is, we thought it was time to add an “extra touch” to the fest. So we are proud to announce the introduction of a third music stage (fourth stage in total). This stage will allow us to offer you no less than 84 (!) bands from a wide variety of genres spread over three days.

This new stage will be an indoor (tent) stage. It will have a small capacity, allowing no more than 200 kids at a time to enjoy a band’s performance. This will enable the “smaller”, “lesser known”...

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