Festival Address:

Crossroads of Poperingseweg and Hazewindestraat

8900 Ieper


It speaks for itself that we encourage any kind of transportation that minimalizes our ecological footprint: on foot, by bike, by train, by bus or by carpooling!


Traffic arrangements Ieperfest 2017

To guarantee the safety of the visitors and to obtain a normal traffic situation, the Poperingseweg, next to the festival, will be closed for traffic going TO the centre. Only the traffic COMING FROM the town centre, can pass with direction Vlamertinge/Noorderring. This  ONE-WAY TRAFFIC will start from Thursday the 10th 9am till Monday the 14th 12am.

The ONE-WAY traffic is not applicable for the public transport (De Lijn).

Visitors of Ieperfest should follow this:

Coming from France/Poperinge

N38 Noorderring    no exit at the bridge to Ieper!!!

            continue to the crossroad of N38 and N8 Veurnseweg

            at the first traffic lights (ZEB-shop), go to the right, direction centre

            straight ahead at the next roundabout direction centre

            after shops Delhaize/Aldi, take a right at the next roundabout

            follow straight ahead at small roundabout to Poperingseweg

            follow the Poperingseweg to the festival


Coming from A19 Kortrijk/Gent/Antwerpen

Exit 4 Ieper Centrum    at the bridge, crossroad with N37, go left to Ieper centre

            roundabout Meenseweg, take 3rd exit Heuvelland/Station

            roundabout with 'floating tap', continue straight ahead to station

            roundabout Rijselpoort, continue straight ahead to station

            traffic lights near the station, continue straight ahead

            roundabout Capronstraat, go left to Poperingseweg

            follow the Poperingseweg to the festival

Public Transportation:

The festival ground is situated near the Ieper railway station, and is therefore ideally located to get to the festival by train or bus. From the railway station, it takes a 15-20 minute walk to get to the festival site. Of course, you can always try to catch a ride with one of the friendly locals to get to the festival site faster!

If you are planning on coming to the festival by train, you can use the website of the Belgian Rail (B-rail) to plan your journey.

To travel within Belgium:
For international travel:

Personal Transportation:

People living close enough to the festival site should definitely consider coming by bike or on foot, to reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum. If you DO come by car, please try to take as many people as possible! To help fill each and every car to the max, use the Ieperfest 2017 carshare page. People in search of a ride can send a request. People with some spare seats left in their car can put up a notice. Let's all try to make an effort and keep our ecological footprint as low as possible!


For general information about accomodation facilities in the Ieper area, click here.

The Ieperfest 2017 camping site will open around 9h00, Friday 11 August.

Access to the camping site cannot be obtained if you are not in possession of an official Ieperfest festival wrist bracelet! In other words: no intention to attend the festival = don't even bother coming over and trying to gain access to the camping.

Products kept in glass packages, such as fruit and vegetables in jars, some drinks ... are NOT allowed on the Ieperfest camping. Party tents are also NOT allowed.

It's enjoyable for everyone to camp on a clean and well maintained camping site. That's why the waste disposal policy of the fest is also applied to the camping site! Waste islands will be provided! The manual to these islands is to be found in the fest's program brochures and on the island itself.

We very distinctively ask you to support our waste disposal policy, and nature itself, by sorting out and recycling your garbage/waste in the appropriate trash cans!

Please leave your camping place behind as neat as it was upon arrival!

Fire is dangerous, and is not allowed in any form on the Ieperfest camping site. So no camp fires, fireworks, barbeques etc.

Drugs are not allowed at Ieperfest. Neither is alcohol abuse. Drunk people, or people intoxicated in any other way, that disturb other people can and will be removed from the camping site and the festival itself!

For your own safety we advise you not to block the fire lanes or emergency exits. Your tent will be moved if necessary!

Pets are not allowed on the campsite. This does, obviously, not include guide dogs for the visually disabled.

Weapons and dangerous objects are not tolerated.

Party tents are not allowed. The reason for this is because they get left behind and thrashed. We don’t want this anymore.

Power supplies and power generators are not allowed on the Ieperfest camping site, as they are sources that can easily cause fires in dry weather conditions.

Our security team is constantly present at the camping, and will keep an eye out! Violating any of these rules can result in getting banned from the camping site or festival!

Notify the campsite responsibles in case of trouble.

The festival organisation cannot be held responsible for theft or accidents involving physical injuries.

We provide soap from Lush. Ask for it at the camping entrance. The showers are closed between 10pm and 8am.


Camper policy: Campers can park on the parking. However, no extra tents/alongside camping will be tolerated. If you want to use the festival showers, you will need to buy a camping ticket. PLEASE clean up the mess you're making in the appropriate bins. We will ask you to kindly leave the parking if we notice that any of these minor requests are being 'forgotten'!! Thanks for your understanding.




Crossroads of Poperingseweg and Hazewindstraat, 8900 Ieper


Vort'n Vis, Sint-Jacobsstraat 3, 8900 Ieper