Food Court

Hey dudes & dudettes, as you might know, or will know soonish if you read next words: Since the very beginning (1992 that is), all the offered food @ Ieperfest is 100% vegan. Yeah, right on: fully natural meals & snacks in front- & backstage. The ingredients used, are coming from local, organic farms as much as possible (if not homegrown by some of our Ieperfest shitworkers themselves !!). This is the biggest 'thing' in our green policy of the fest, no matter what else we all do besides this. And yes, we're proud to say so: “ that is a lot !! ”. But a plant-based diet is healthier for you and the entire planet. Veganism is not just a food thing, it's an ever growing ethical movement and one of the most powerful choices one can make in life. Trust us, we know what we're talking about.

And therefor Ieperfest is more than happy to show you the way. As a lot of you may have noticed or heard, the last couple of years, we have been working with the best vegan foodtrucks & stands around as an addition to our own Ieperfest catering, Ieper hardcore Food (what's in a name?). Living by the motto; “never change a winning team,” we will be teaming up again with some of those loving people &brands to create our lovely 'Vegan Food Court' & the ...

Ieperfest 2016 food line-up (In alphabetic order & all vegan):


Brasuco is specialized in Brazilian smoothies. We have juices, smoothies, milkshakes (made with delicious soy milk) and some fruit ice creams. So much choice, unseen. Try them all!!

This year we will also have some cocktails to hit your taste buds on the menu. They will make you wanna dance the samba straight in da moshpit for sure ...

De Frietketel

De frietketel: legendary in Ghent & far beyond. Taste our French (yeah right) fries and be seduced by our 7 kinds of sauces (hot & cold). All made with love. Try the Belgian taste of balls in tomato sauce. Yes ... they come with croquettes. Hardcore greasiness ... Festival food with balls, yes, “bitterballen”! This we can not explain. Come taste them ... De Frietketel will also serve you the finest 'cheese'croquettes, in collaboration with Shavt, a small compagnie specialized in artisan vegan cheese ... YEAH fingerlicking good !!

Icy V

Plain fucking simple: tasty vegan ice cream made of real ingredients rather than chemical whatevers. Lactose free, egg free, but most of all … cruelty free !!

Do I need to say more? Yes, one MORE ice cream, please !!

Ieper Hardcore Food

Risen from the ashes of the fondly remembered Ferm&Fameus, Ieper Hardcore Food wants to promote the vegan way of life from taste bud to taste bud. From healthy shizzle to easy going fastfood. From back- to frontstage. From us to you. Hardcore food by & for hardcore kids. Plain fucking simple.

On Ieperfest, we provide all the band- & hardworking crewmembers three days long with a variation of lovely festmade vegan goodies in the backstage.

In the front we serve yet again our beloved pizzaslices, 2 different burgers: hazelnut & Kale/Hennep. And what's more: get siked for the return of the 'hot meals' this edition:

  • Friday: Vegan-au-vent with rice
  • Saturday: Seitan stew with ovenbaked patatoes
  • Sunday: Smatched patatoes & peas mit einheidswürst.

All 3 come with fresh veggies a side.

Gotta catch em all. You won't regret it !!

Koek & Zopie

Coffee with a touch of retro. Spoil yourself with unique coffee cocktails. Even for stronger coffee, tea, or chocolate you're in the right place! Everything is also available with soy or oat milk. And all that 99% organic and vegan-friendly!

Loving Hut Express

The Loving Hut Express is the first vegan food truck in Belgium and provides all kinds of festivals and events of a delicious mix of Western and Oriental snacks, meals and desserts for almost 4 years now. We stand for a high-quality, artisan kitchen; which means using fairtrade and organic ingredients as much as possible, homemade sauces, original recipes, … Great taste comes first, but we also strive to get a nice balance between proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, so that one has a satisfied feeling afterwards. Healthy vegan fast food, because we can!

Madam Bakster

Madam Bakster, the guiltfree bakery...

In the bakery, we work exclusively with natural raw materials. All products are free of animal products, wheat and refined sugar, artificial flavourings or preservatives. We are addicted to oatmeal, nuts, avocados, coconut oil, dates, ... So we want to show that desserts deserve a place in a healthy lifestyle. And besides this we made the conscious decision to work exclusively on order to do our bit to contribute for a zero food waste world.

Or as we, Ieperfestcrew & visitors, see it: all cakes must be eaten, no shall remain.
And remember: a dessert, you never eat alone so: gather all @ Madam Bakster !!


Are you up for some deliscious Fair Trade coffee or biological tea? Come hang out at coffeebar SloWWings on the Ieperfest camping. Discover the ultimate taste-experience. Choose between a Blend or Single Estate. The blend is a mixture of Colombia Excelso and Rwanda Blue Barbera: fruity with a little sour & caramel touch. You can also go for the Single Estate of the day (aka the Bourgogne of coffees). In other words: there’s a daily choice of all kinds of different tasty flavors. Whether you prefer spicy, fruity or crème brûlée vanille. Did we mention Mexican hot chocolate?

You prefer tea over coffee? Your wish is our command. We’ve got a whole menu of biological tea for you to try. LilyRose (think roseleaves- and buds), Evergreen (a fresh mixture of lemongrass, lemonzest, mint, cardemom and star anise), Chocolate-tea (a mixture of chocolate and black tea), Sun salutation (sunny fruity taste of hibiscus, elderberry and rosehip). Last but not least for diehard Ieperfesters: the Maté (revitalising energyboost).


The Dutch Weedburger

Ieperfest, where The Dutch Weed Burger feels most at home.

The Dutch Weed Burger, the 100% plant based hamburger with seaweed as THE tastemaker! This burger is unlike any other taste and bite you have ever experienced. Tasty, healthy and sustainable.

Seaweed is a ‘superfood’ with a combination of protein that is comparable to meat. The transition to this ‘protein source of the future’ will lower the pressure on the eco system, because scarce agricultural land won’t be needed and there is no usage of fresh water for the cultivation. Plus seaweed is delicious too! What else do you want more?!

The succulent, juicy patty is made from kombu seaweed and chunks of roasted soy shreds. The burger bun contains chlorella (a micro-algae) which is packed with proteins and other essential nutrients. The weed-sauce is a vegan zesty cream based sauce enriched with real Dutch sea lettuce from Zeeland (province). This tasty sauce is a The Dutch Weed Burger original and compliments the burger perfectly.

We will be at Ieperfest with our mobile grill. This grill is inspired by the American mobile BBQ grills and creates the ultimate burger experience. Your burger will be grilled on the spot, you’ll be literally standing next to it!

And also available this year: The weed bites; deep fried, gold green crunchy bites with a salty sea flavour!! Are you exited to taste them? You should! Because they are VET LEKKER!!!

And maybe, just maybe, a few more ...

More and more food stands are joining our vegan team and we know you all will find your way to our Vegan Food Court & are willing te try these yummies in your tummies. And please help us out to spread the vegan message world wide … #Ieperfestfoodcourt2016

We do hope you appreciate our efforts to bring you a splendid food line-up !!
& remember: “no animals will be harmed in the making of all this food.“

Why Vegan?

Well, maybe a more sensible question would be Why not? As your fork is a very powerful tool for changing our world. In a world where solidarity is increasingly important, a conscious choice for less meat and dairy is good for everyone (a fair food distribution, if we can only end the capitalist system responsible for world hunger! Working on it…), the environment, animals and your health.

One sixth of the world population is malnourished and every year more than 6 million children die from malnutrition. Over sixty percent of the total production of grain, maize and barley is used for livestock feed. Tons of corn and millions of hectares of land brought into production today are used for animal feed. In total, the cultivation of animals and producing animal feed uses 78 percent of the agricultural space. On these grounds, we can plant and grow organic food fit for human consumption that provides all the necessary nutrients. Eating meat is thus totally not efficient: to produce one kilo of meat, we need 100 times more water in comparison to the production of one kilo of grain or vegetables. An average vegetarian needs 180 kilos of grain annually, for a meat eater that’s 930 kilos of grain (for 1 kilogram of beef, 9 kilogram of grain is required!). Meat production uses at least ten times more energy than growing vegetables.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean 'dead zones', and virtually every other environmental ill. Yet it goes on, almost entirely unchallenged.

Animals are considered and treated like products. The term “speciesism” is often used and has been around since 1973. Veganism even longer: the word and the ethics behind it saw the daylight in 1944. Many decades have since passed, yet their true meaning is often unknown or unclear. There are a bunch of nice animal rights stands in the MoreThanMusic Tent here on ieperfest with all the info you need. Feel free to check them out & ask questions!

We know now that too much meat is not healthy. Obesity, cholesterol problems, diabetes and heart disease are the prices we pay for a flesh and high calorie diet. It doesn’t even matter what our ancestors ate and that we’re considered to be omnivores. Numerous studies show that vegans and vegetarians live a healthier live and get all the nutrients they need. What’s more important is our eating habits today and how they affect the world…

And if you think that meatless is tasteless, you should definitely try every single snack and meal provided here at Ieperfest and see for yourself.

Have a nice meal!