Green Policy

Ever since the first edition in 1992, Ieperfest has been putting it’s green foot forward with some amazing results to show for. Our 25th anniversary will be no exception. We will try even harder, go even further and we hope you will join us!
What are we doing this year and how can you help?


Sorting: The ABC of our trashbins: what goes where?

  • Glass: Not allowed! But if you feel the urge to be an ass and bring your own glass bottles to the fest, we will ask you to put them in one of the glass containers we put at the entrance of the camping and the festival ground. There's a huge chance that the word ‘GLASS' is written on it. You just can't miss it.
  • PMD: Plastic bottles, Metallic cans and Drinking cartons. NO cups or plates or other plastic things. This kind of waste belongs in a BLUE BIN or bag, and will be used again to make new bottles, clothes or even bikes...
  • Paper & cardboard: Throw all your paper and cardboard in one of the big cardboard boxes in the merch tent.
  • Organic waste: this GREEN BIN just loves food... food, unprinted napkins & wooden cutlery only. Which means that the package where the food was wrapped in, doesn't belong in this bin! Even the food doesn't belong in it if it can still be eaten, and there is always somebody around who will eat it!
  • Green plates/Blue trays: if you were on one of the (we lost count) last editions, you will recognize the lovely green, long-lasting hard plastic plates! So, we don't have to tell you that they are being re-used. Just like other years we ask you to pay a warrant (ONE extra coupon) when you get your food/plate. When you return your plate to our special ‘RETURNPOINT'/'het afwaspunt', you will get a coupon back.
  • All other stuff that can't be recycled: if you're holding something that doesn't fit in one of the groups we've just explained above, you might hold something that can't be recycled. That's why we call it non-recyclable waste. But hey, you can still put in into the right bin on the fest: BLACK BIN.
  • Bubble Gum Tree(s): Instead of spitting your bubble gum on the ground or in someone's hair, stick it on the bubble gum tree(s).
  • Ashtray Tubes: Look around for them as they actually look like cigarettes. You can't say we don't make it easy for you guys & girls. If you smoke, please take note that in Belgium smoking in tents is not allowed by law and the smokers, not the organisation can be fined by authorities. So be kind to all and smoke in open air, put your cigarette out and bin it in the ashtrays and ashtray tubes provided. Every cigarette bud you throw on the ground pollutes about 3 liters of ground water. Fuck that shit!

Food en drinks

  • Vegan food: By eating vegan for 3 days, you will save 12 000 liters of water, over 8 square meters of forest, 54 kg of grain and 27 kg of CO2. That’s as sustainable as it gets! Sign up for a 3 day vegan challenge at the MTM tent! Make sure to check the FOOD section and see what's cooking to fill your tummy.
  • Reusable drinking cups: Yes! They’re back. A major success last year, same story this year! Buy a drink = give an extra token as warrant. Return your cups to the bar or washing up point = get a token. Money will never be given in return. Tokens can be used for food as well & you will find things around that will only cost one token. Go check the Oxfam bar @ the MTM.
  • Boombar: This sustainable bar runs mostly on tapwater. The bar offers local organic beers and delicious lemonades. No soft drinks from a bottle at this bar = plastic waste reduction! For more info about this amazing innovative barsystem, go check
  • We use organic products from local farmers & fairtrade products. Check out the MTM tent for a selection of fair trade vegan snacks & drinks or get your favourite fairtrade drink at the bar.
  • Ieperfest garden: We have our garden gnome working day & night to get us some tasty fresh veggies to serve you.


  • Mobile water purification unit: Plants recycle dirty water @ the festival site.
  • Tap water system: Get your tapwater at the BOOMbar for half a ticket! We also use reusable bottles and tap water for bandmembers & shitworkers.
  • Biodegradable Soap and washing-up Liquids (for FREE): We team up with LUSH to provide you with awesome vegan-friendly soap. So leave those nature-killing soaps and gels at home… and wash away the shame if you haven't heard of them yet. At all other places (kitchen, bar, backstage, ...) we're still using 100% biodegradable products.


Use the garbage bags we offer you for free and collect your trash. Then, go find the bins and put everything separated in the right bins as the signs on them tell you. Let's keep the campsite clean! If you don't know where to put your stuff, please ask someone else. He/she might know and you might never forget. Since 2015 there are no party tents allowed on the campsite!

  • Green Camping
  • Guests on our green camping will not only be able to enjoy a clean camping area, they will also have exclusive access to:

    • Showers with hot water from an eco pellet stove. Yeah. Thanks to ÖkoFEN!!
    • Electricity made on site by solar panels. Thanks to Locquet & KTA Ieper!!
    • Composting toilets. Thanks to Green Corner Toilets!!
    • Separate cooking area. Hell cooking yeah. Thanks to you!!

    The amount of people able to camp on our green camping is limited, so reserving your spot is necessary. Only registered guests will be allowed on the green camping.

    You can secure your spot by sending an e-mail to Your e-mail must include the following information:

    • Number of guests + names
    • The kind of tent you are bringing e.g. 2 person iglo (we want to make the most of the available space)
    • Put “Green Camping 2017” in your subject line

    For entrance to the green camping, you will need a normal camping ticket + your reservation (no extra cost).

    If you make a reservation for the green camping, you automatically agree with the following rules:

    • No Trash: We do not want to see any trash on the ground, and we expect people on the green camping to separate all their waste. Trash bins for sorting will be available on the campsite. Also, if you do see other people litter, ask them to pick up their shit. Social control can be a powerful thing.
    • Be Quiet: No radios, speakers, shouting, loud singing, or anything else that makes too much noise.
    • Show respect: Towards your fellow green campers, the Ieperfest shit workers and the environment.
    • Everything you bring along, you take back home with you.
    • No party tents allowed.

    On our green camping, the same rules apply as on the rest of the camping.

    In case of a serious violation of these rules, you will be removed from the green camping.

    Together we want to set an example for others: Festival camping ≠ dump!

  • Donation pit: Can’t be bothered to take your stuff with you after the fest? Leave it at the donation pit at the camping entrance.

Poster walls:

Posters go on the poster wall. All other posters will be taken down. Reduce the amount of posters you hang up (and the amount of tape used) by putting them on the poster walls on the festival site.

Composting toilets:

Awesome toilets that do not stink and help save the environment! Yeey! The dry toilets are made of recycled material and are REALLY comfy! The chemical products are replaced by wooden chips/shavings, which is a plus for nature, and also for us! After the fest, the human/organic waste goes to a farmer who starts a procedure to make fertilizer out of our shitties, which is good for the soil. Yay for poo!

You can find more information inside the dry toilets! So what are you waiting for? Go test them out! Thank you.

DEMO, an Interreg European project:

We are part of a European project called DEMO: Durability and Ecology in the Music business and its Organisers. We focus on promoting sustainable development across the borders. This year you will find our DEMO stand at the festivalground with some lovely volunteers who are keen on asking you some questions about our greenpolicy. Visit our DEMO-stand, be enlightened and enlighten us by filling in a survey. You can find more information on the official DEMO website and their Facebook page.

Sensibilisation / Communication / More Than Music Ethics:

p>As a fest and individuals we still believe that we shouldn't blindly follow others if we can set an example ourselves. For the record: we don't claim to be perfect, but at least we fucking try.

But still, we can't do it on our own. We need you: visitors, band members, distro holders, volunteers, shitworkers… in short, everybody on the fest to help out! We have to act NOW!! Our greenteam volunteered to do this (we love you long time), so please show them, yourself and everyone else some respect and work with them to keep it tidy! THANKS.

If you think you have an interesting idea regarding our green policy or you want to help out, get in touch with Martijn, Nathalie and/or Sofie by e-mailing to