Ieper Hardcore Fest | 5, 6 & 7 JULY 2019

Hardcore, More Than Music

Animal, earth and human liberation will only come through education...(Chokehold)

Despite what you may think, hardcore is more than just music! The MoreThanMusic tent is a free space for free thinking and discussion, for debate and creativity in changing our world for the better and for Non-Governmental Organizations & Action Groups to present themselves. Where music on stage fails to bring the message across, we try to fill the void and we always put together a series of non-musical activities, making people think, talk and act in a positive way. Check it out from time to time, feed your head, feel free to discuss… You’re in for some positive shit! Enjoy!



At the MTM/Distro tent you’ll find stands with critical, counter-current books and publications, vegan and sweatshop free clothing & accessories, cool stickers, posters, and what not… This stuff is hard to find in mainstream bookstores and shops. Copyleft not Copyright!

You might want to check out the following stands (and maybe even more):‚Äč



A decent collection of Zines from around the world. There will be a really cozy reading room near the MTM-stage (thanks to Kringwinkel West). Feel free to read’em here, but put’em back, thanks! We kindly ask everyone who makes musical or pure political zines to bring 2 copies to the MTM-tent.

Your zine will be available for everyone to read for the duration of the festival and then taken up into the Ieperfest Zine Library for future editions. A great chance for you to spread the DIY ethics and ideas of our movement and to present your work. If you would like to keep feeding the Ieperfest Zine Library with your zine, please contact us at or send them to Ieperfest Zine Library, Postbus 42- 8900 Ieper/Belgium


If you can’t finish your vegan meal, bring it to the MTM-tent. You’ll most likely find someone who will finish it for you. Throwing food away is just not done and yes, we’re always hungry!


Feel free to contact us if you have (more) ideas on how to make hardcore, punk again. Independent editors, distributors, Zines, NGO's and Action groups from around the world: your thoughts, presentations, documentaries,… are welcome! Please do get in touch via



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