Oxfam Fairtrade Bar

Sure hope we don’t need to introduce Oxfam Fairtrade to you as a wholesaler in fair trade food products? Heck! We just did…
Apart from a medium-sized Oxfam Bar where you’ll find all the Oxfam-cans (biocola, bioice-T, biolemonade) , a wide range of (vegan) Oxfam products will also be available at a fair price, you lucky bastards!
More info: http://www.oxfamfairtrade.be

Vegan Snack Shop

Ieperfest surely is vegan heaven! Go check out the Vegan Snackshop inside the MoreThanMusic-tent for vegan chocolate, energy bars, your daily need for nuts & fruits, organic drinks and what not… (and if you’re up for it: give Sam a nice hug! He really deserves it!)