Ieper Hardcore Fest | 5, 6 & 7 JULY 2019


Thanks so so much to all of you who supported us via the crowdfunding campaign we launched a while ago. Our aim is to collect 15.000 euro and if possible, even a bit more. So have another look at our crowdfunding page and feel free to support us!!

As we told you already, the 27th summer edition of Ieperfest will happen on 5-6-7 July 2019. Here’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: the first list of bands that will be performing. Here we go!

  • AMENRA The Gods of the Church of RA movement celebrating their 20 year anniversary
  • BITTER END Powerful US hardcore, just 4 European shows this year
  • GOUGE AWAY Florida post-hardcore noise-rock hype
  • GUILT TRIP Manchester hardcore unit
  • HARM'S WAY Metallic US hardcore
  • IN CLOVER H8000 beatdown moshaholics
  • JUST ICE Canadian hardcore newcomers, wicked stuff!
  • LEIAH Sweden's masters of emo rock back on the map
  • LENGTH OF TIME Brussels metalcore godfathers
  • MADBALL New York hardcore, always a party!
  • NINEBAR London hardcore moshers back for a 2nd performance
  • OPTIMIST German raw hardcore meets old school death metal, ex-END OF DAYS
  • REDEMPTION DENIED Belgian straight ahead hardcore back for a 2nd performance
  • SECT Raleigh, Portland & Toronto hardcore. Vegan. SXE. Old.
  • WIEGEDOOD Church of RA black metal
  • WISDOM IN CHAINS Popular Pennsylvanian solid hardcore

That’s it for now. More news coming soon, stay tuned.

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