Good day to you all.

Last week we promised you new names. We have 20 for you.

  • AGATHOCLES Belgium’s mincecore godfathers, back for their 2nd performance
  • AGROTOXICO Brazil hardcore/punk band celebrating its 25 year anniversary
  • The ARSON PROJECT Swedish grinding death metal hitting the road together with HEXIS
  • BROKEN TEETH   Manchester hardcore that amazed many on this year’s Persistence tour
  • CARNIFEX US tech melodic death metal back in Flanders’ fields
  • COCKNEY REJECTS First time ever at Ieperfest for these UK oi/punk pioneers
  • COUNTERPARTS Melodic Canadian hardcore as seen on tour with ARCHITECTS just recently
  • CROWSVIEW Brand new H8000 metalcore act influenced by SLAYER, ARKANGEL and MORNING AGAIN
  • JASTA Jamey HATEBREED’s other band, first Ieperfest appearance
  • JUKAI Heavy ‘n metallic New Yorkers that remind of ACME, BLOODLET & INDECISION
  • LENG TCH'E Belgian razor edge grind metal for fans of NASUM and DYING FETUS
  • MALEVOLENCE  UK’s top band mixing the best of metalcore and doom metal
  • RAVAGE RITUAL H8000 sound all the way from Finland. Fans of INTEGRITY, CONGRESS and RINGWORM take note
  • ROTTEN SOUND All the way from Finland, finally at Ieperfest to celebrate 25 years of grindcore and chaos
  • SHELTER Headlining the fest on Friday, first time ever at Ieperfest! Just a handful EU shows in 2018.
  • SLANDER Upcoming Italian hardcore act; mean, fast & furious!
  • SWORN ENEMY  US metallic hardcore back on the map with a special 15 years “As Real As It Gets” set
  • UNION 13 Straight ahead Los Angeles singalong punkrock
  • VONNIS Gent based blackened power violence crust on Consouling records
  • WALK THE PLANK Washington DC melodic hardcore punk with a message

The early bird ticket sale is still going strong. We’d like to remind you that there is only a limited amount of tickets available, get them while you still can!


Team Ieperfest.