Are you ready for another round of green policy madness at Ieperfest 2017?

Be prepared to lay down in the lovely clean grass, with not a (drinking) cup in sight. How is that possible? We recycle as if there’s no tomorrow. Just like last year, we will be using the beloved reusable drinking cups. Don’t forget to return them. Where to fill ‘em up? The regular bar ànd the Boombar will be back in business. At the Boombar you will find organic beers and lemonades. Ideal to cool down after all of your massive moshing.

What else do we have up our sleeves? We’ll have a brand new, fully functional, water purification system. Last year we had the try out version, but now the game is on and we’re going to recycle as much water as possible. As seen on the national news recently: De Redactie - Mobiel waterzuiveringsstation voor festival voorgesteld (Dutch content).

More dry toilets. Poop and saw dust prove to be a winning combination. We wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the ‘having a shit/pee in the woods’-feeling. However, first you’ll need some food, so prepare your taste buds and keep your eyes peeled: the 100% vegan food court is almost complete. The food line up will be announced soon.

Do you have any ideas or are you willing to help us out before, during or after the fest? Feel free to send us an e-mail at Drop ideas, not trash!