We have 11 more bands for you today, here we go:

  • DAYS OF RAGE First Euro tour for these Canadian hardcore punks with a message
  • DEATH THREAT Legendary US hardcore act with their highly anticipated Ieperfest debut. Exclusive European 20 year anniversary show!
  • HIGH ON FIRE Another US top act that will entertain us in Flanders’ fields for the very first time. Woow! Exclusive Belgian show in 2018.
  • HIRAX American thrash metal outfit that has been around for almost 35 years
  • LOST BARON H8000 dark rockers mixing sludge, stoner and metal
  • MAUDLIN H8000 doomy psychedelic progrockers finally back at the fest to present their new album
  • SPIRIT CRUSHER Upcoming German hardcore act “inspired by NYHC, the 90s and the straight-edge”
  • SPIRITS Melodic straight ahead US hardcore
  • TAKE OFFENSE American crossover hardcore for the win. Back at the fest for the second time.
  • TEMPEST Eco warriors of various countries teaming up. Ex-UNDYING.
  • TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL H8000 heavy metal heroes, always a party, always a blast!

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