Since last year we’re part of a European project, called DEMO – Durability and Ecology in the Music business and it’s Organisers – with 11 cultural partners: Dour festival, Le Cabaret Vert, Le Grand Mix, IeperFest, Les 4Ecluses, Wilde Westen (de Kreun),4AD, Le centre culturel René Magritte, Extracité, IDEA, IMOG.

The focus is to promote sustainable development across the borders. Furthermore it’s our mission to experiment and develop innovative and sustainable actions throughout the music industry. As some of you might remember from last year, we had a special information stand about this DEMO-project at the fest where you could fill in a survey and put your name on a list to win a ticket for this year. Well… we finally have a winner: congratulations to Elien Van de Walle, keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail with your ticket for Ieperfest 2017! We’ll be back with our DEMO-stand this year, so who’ll be the lucky one?!

You can find more information on the official DEMO website and their Facebook page.

Team Ieperfest