February 2018. Done with those mandatory family gatherings, hang overs are (hopefully) out of the window…

Time for some reflections on the near past and a focus update on the future.

The past few months have proven to be interesting. We won the very first OVAM Lifetime Achievement Award for sustainable development. We are honored and pleased with the recognition for our efforts to make this festival as green and clean as possible. Of course we couldn’t have done this without the many helping volunteering hands through the years. We want to thank all of them from the bottom of our green hearts.

We would also like to thank our partners who contribute(d) to this festival. The list is long and we do apologize if we forgot anyone along the way: Boombar, Brasuco, Bulik, D-case, De frietketel, De kringwinkel Ieper, De watergroep, Ecoflora, Ecover, Ecoz Mobile, Extrapower, Ferm & Fameus, Full Circle Coffee, Green Corner toilets, Icy V, Ieper Hardcore Food, Just Like Your Mom, Kaffee Bazaar, Koek & Zopie, KTA Ieper, Locquet, Lombarts Calville Tuinsappen, Loving Hut Express, Lush, MTM partners, ökofen, Oxfam fairtrade, Primus Haacht, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Slowwings, Stad Ieper, The Dutch Weedburger, The Vexican, Vanheede Environment Group, Wilmersburger & Yasai.

Furthermore a big thanks to our partners in the DEMO-project: fellow festivals and events that make a difference and put effort in creating a better place to live and (after)party in.

Last but not least: without visitors, no festival! We’d like to send our utmost gratitude to you, music fanatics! You believed in – or were friendly forced into – our green policy. THX for going along!

Time now for that update on the future: our bill for our 26th edition is getting in shape. Stay tuned, we’re not done yet.

Also, we’re glad to announce that the construction works at our HQ aka Vort’n Vis have entered the second stage. This means that 5 rehearsal rooms, 2 art galleries and a roof terrace are in full assembly. Follow us & our activities through

Horns up,
Team Ieperfest