13 more confirmed bands for this year’s summer edition, no kidding!

  • BAD LUCK 13 Hard as nails, tuff as tuff ass US hardcore
  • BATTALION OF SAINTS  Legendary US hardcore/punk cult band. Legendary ànd cult? Hell yes!
  • CHRONIC DISEASE Belgian fastcore giants amping up for their first show since … 1991. Imagine that!
  • The CRYPTICS Straight ahead US hardcore/punk privileged to tour alongside BATTALION OF SAINTS
  • xDEVOURx Belgian chugga chugga hardcore putting the edge back on the map.
  • DEZERTER Polish cult hardcore/punk, around since the 80s. Having these guys on the bill is a dream come through!
  • DOYLE Mr Von Frankenstein coming to haunt ghosts in Flanders’ Fields. MISFITS any one?
  • HIEROPHANT Italy’s kings of blackened metalpunk with a strong Clevo hardcore nudge
  • OI POLLOI Are you punx or mice? Come out and prove it!
  • RAMALLAH Coming over for an exclusive 2018 European show. Come and sing along!
  • RATS IN THE WALL Snotty US punk by LEFTOVER CRACK dudes with shredding female vocals
  • UNCURED US metal on the rise, ready to conquer Europe with JASTA
  • WITCH TRAIL Belgian blackened post metal dink punk

Early bird weekend tickets? Don’t sleep on it …

Team Ieperfest