Ieper Hardcore Fest | 5, 6 & 7 JULY 2019


For general information about accomodation facilities in the Ieper area,click here.

The Ieperfest 2018 camping site will open around 9h00, Friday 11 August.

The showers are closed between 10pm and 8am.

Access to the camping site cannot be obtained if you are not in possession of an official Ieperfest festival wrist bracelet! In other words: no intention to attend the festival = don't even bother coming over and trying to gain access to the camping.


We very distinctively ask you to support our waste disposal policy, and nature itself, by sorting out and recycling your garbage/waste in the appropriate trash cans! It's enjoyable for everyone to camp on a clean and well maintained camping site. That's why the waste disposal policy of the fest is also applied to the camping site! Waste islands will be provided! The manual to these islands is to be found in the fest's program brochures and on the island itself.

Use the garbage bags we offer you for free and collect your trash. Then, go find the bins and put everything separated in the right bins as the signs on them tell you. Let's keep the campsite clean! If you don't know where to put your stuff, please ask someone else. He/she might know and you might never forget. Since 2015 there are no party tents allowed on the campsite! You can also buy a GREEN camping ticket when you order your festival ticket. Go here for more information.

Please leave your camping place behind as neat as it was upon arrival!

Basic rules

Our security team is constantly present at the camping, and will keep an eye out! Violating any of these rules can result in getting banned from the camping site or festival!

  1. Fire is dangerous, and is not allowed in any form on the Ieperfest camping site. So no camp fires, fireworks, barbeques etc.
  2. Products kept in glass packages, such as fruit and vegetables in jars, some drinks ... are NOT allowed on the Ieperfest camping.
  3. Drugs are not allowed at Ieperfest. Neither is alcohol abuse. Drunk people, or people intoxicated in any other way, that disturb other people can and will be removed from the camping site and the festival itself!
  4. For your own safety we advise you not to block the fire lanes or emergency exits. Your tent will be moved if necessary!
  5. Pets are not allowed on the campsite. This does, obviously, not include guide dogs for the visually disabled.
  6. Weapons and dangerous objects are not tolerated.
  7. Party tents are not allowed. The reason for this is because they get left behind and thrashed. We don’t want this anymore.
  8. Power supplies and power generators are not allowed on the Ieperfest camping site, as they are sources that can easily cause fires in dry weather conditions.

Notify the campsite responsibles in case of trouble.

The festival organisation cannot be held responsible for theft or accidents involving physical injuries.


The showers are closed between 10pm and 8am.

We provide soap from Lush. Ask for it at the camping entrance.

Donation pit

Can’t be bothered to take your stuff with you after the fest? Leave it at the donation pit in the camping entrance/camping shop.

Camper policy

Campers can park on the parking. However, no extra tents/alongside camping will be tolerated. If you want to use the festival showers, you will need to buy a camping ticket. PLEASE clean up the mess you're making in the appropriate bins. We will ask you to kindly leave the parking if we notice that any of these minor requests are being 'forgotten'!! Thanks for your understanding.


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